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Special Opening of the Cappella Gentilizia of the Catajo Castle

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  • Location
    Battaglia Terme
  • Duration
    1,5 h
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    Spring 2020

Special Opening of the Cappella Gentilizia of the Catajo Castle

Special Opening of the Cappella Gentilizia of the Catajo Castle


On these special occasions you can discover a hidden and secret part of Catajo Castle: the private chapel of the Castle, which usually is not open to the public.

The special opening starts with the visit of the panoramic terrace and continues in the “Piano Nobile”, the elegant main floor of the Castle. Inside we’ll walk by the marvellous frescos made by the painter G.B. Zelotti representing heroic deeds and stories about the powerful Obizzi Family: Pio Enea I Obizzi, in 1570, decided to enlarge this imposing masterpiece, starting from the small farmland house of his mother Beatrice, and to build up and decorate the most unusual of the Villas of Veneto Region. Later, through years and centuries, other members of the family and subsequent owners continued expanding and decorating the Castle and they never stopped until the first half of the XXth century.

At the beginning of XIXth century, when the last heir of the family died, the Castle became residence of noble family Este, the Archdukes of Modena, who designed a spectacular private chapel named “Cappella Gentilizia” or “Emperors’ Chapel”, entirely decorated with coloured wooden panels. At a glance, we notice that the interior part of the Chapel has a very particular and singular project: it is a scenic design which can be completely disassembled.
The wooden panels of the scenic designs are decorated with a colourful motif, elegant golden shapes, and eclectic forms. All these decorations together create a unique, intimate and pleasant atmosphere.
In the end, if the weather we’ll be good, we’ll have the opportunity to have a walk in the Park of Delights, in the Garden of Beatrice, and in the Garden of the Duchess.

Where: Castello del Catajo, Via Catajo, 1 – Battaglia Terme (PD).
Price: 13,00 € per person. The price includes the entrance ticket to the Castello del Catajo, the Cappella Gentilizia and a little brochure with the explication of what you see during your visit.

The special openings of  Cappella Gentilizia of the Catajo Castle

15.03.2020 at 14.30
5.04.2020 at 10.30
17.05.2020 at 10.30

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