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Climbing equipment

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Climbing equipment

Challenge yourself, climb the highest peaks!

The scent of nature, the song of birds, the noise of the seasons, the rock under our palms, the sky before our eyes, under the void and above … a splendid panorama.
Accompanied by mountain guides regularly enrolled in the Veneto Regional College of Alpine Guides, we will climb the Euganean Hills’ gym. Harnessed with all the necessary technical equipment (climbing shoes, harnesses, helmet, carabiners, ropes, etc.) we will climb up a rock face and experience the thrill of an afternoon outside the box.
We will live an experience immersed in nature and will bring with us an unforgettable memory.

For information, please contact us:
Lovivo Tour Experience, Viale delle Terme 107/B – Abano Terme (PD)
M. +39 333 994 52 88 T. +39 049 29 69 340



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