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Cook It Raw! - Team Building

Cook It Raw! - Team Building


Excavate the hole and light on the fire, create a hand-made grill with just what you have at your disposal and use your creativity. Cook in terracotta-pots, in big cauldrons, in cast-iron grills or on big skewers on hot coals, on open fire or on slabs of molten rock.

This original and new team building is called “Cook it raw” and is based on a new model of kitchen, which focuses even more on the substance than of the appearances and is definitely more stimulating for everybody.

Very far away from stages, screens, flashes, cameras and modern kitchens we will experience this ancestral way of cooking. We will cook without an equipped kitchen at our disposal, outdoor in the woods or on the fields and we’ll discover this way a complete new approach of cooking focusing on traditions, sustainability, cooperation and creativity.

Are you ready for the Cook it Ray team Building? Back to the fire!

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