Team building laboratorio di scarpe

Team building - Wooden Shoes Lab

  • Location
    Riviera del Brenta
  • Duration
    About 90 minutes
  • When?
    On request

Team building - Wooden Shoes Lab

Team building – Wooden Shoes Lab

Thanks to this team building activity in the name of art and craftsmanship, you can unleash your creativity, creating an object that reflects an identity, a will, a dream, a memory, allowing mutual knowledge through individual work.

Guests will be accompanied through the rooms of a real Footwear Museum, inside a magnificent building in typical Venetian style, where they can draw inspiration from the more than 1500 models of exposed footwear. As desired by the centuries-old Venetian tradition, the Villa where guests will be welcomed, is located along the banks of the Brenta Riviera. A strategic point at the time of the Venetian Republic, since it allowed to intercept cloth merchants between Padua and Venice, draw inspiration from oriental traders, capture the fashions of the moment.
The Venetian nobles had a real passion for classy footwear. Already in 1268 in this area there is evidence of the first footwear activities, represented by the School of Venetian Calegheri, a corporation of shoemakers’ art.

Through the accessory of the “footwear” participants will be able to understand the entrepreneurial path of a company, as the origins of the footwear art are particularly ancient and prestigious, a long history. During the exhibition, an in-depth study will be dedicated to the “The Christmas Last” panel made by Andy Warhol in 1956 with tempera colours, thanks to which the participants will understand the work they will be carrying out.

The members of the group will be able to customize a wood form coming from the shoe factory using tempera, accessories and fabrics and at the end of the visit will bring with them the fruit of their work. Guests will feel particularly inspired and better immersed in the part of master shoemakers inside the historic and prestigious place where they will find themselves.
Through the guided explanation before and of the laboratory then, this activity will allow participants to understand the historical and entrepreneurial evolution of an important sector such as footwear and to test their imagination and dexterity.

Duration: About 90 minutes

Group: Minimum 10 – maximum 40 people at a time

The experience includes:

  • Entrance to the Villa
  • Visit to the Footwear Museum
  • Workshop
  • Room for possible training

Possibility to integrate the experience with: 

  • Visit of a second Villa on the Riviera del Brenta
  • Lunch in typical restaurant
  • Shopping tours in the outlets of the shoe district

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