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Bologna, in Emilia-Romagna, is a man’s measure city, with an intense cultural life and a very interesting historical heritage, elected as the most welcoming city of Italy and famous abroad as the home of the oldest University in the western world.
Stroll in the most characteristic places of this city starting from the Montagnola Park, we continue towards the path of Independence that connects the station to the historic centre, passing the Arena del Sole theater, St. Peter’s cathedral until you reach the Sala Borsa, a cultural centre, that gathers a selection of books to satisfy every reader, dvd, discs of all categories and the unique floor made of glass that allows  the observation of underground excavations, as well as the archaeological remains of ancient civilizations dating back to the villanovian civilization, which arose in the 7th century B. C. C.
Continuing along the main street we will be dazzled by the splendour of Piazza Maggiore here you’ll be greeted by the imposing statue of Neptune, called the Giant set on a fountain and a beautiful church, the Basilica of San Petronio. Its facade is the part that will attract your attention from the beginning: due to a lack of funding, and according to some sources, the lack of due authorisation of the church, and the façade was not completed as expected from the initial project. In the following centuries there were new proposals aimed at the completion of the work, with the result that, in reality, the identity of the basilica has remained the same and, therefore, unique and special, thanks to its aesthetic appearance. The idea of “completing” a work of art seemed not to respect its authenticity, and therefore it was preserved as follows: incomplete, but definitive.
We will sit a while on the steps of the church, and observed in front of us the Palazzo del Podestà, built in 1200 that forms the base of the tower in terracotta dell’arengo, whose bell was rung for the bolognese for special or important occasions, on your left, the statue of San Petronio, patron saint of the city.
We will continue our tour through the Old Market, a market in the narrow alleyways of the old city, to get to the Tower of the Asinelli, which by tradition and not allowed to climb students who are not yet graduates, if you are not a student don’t worry, now you find yourself on the leaning tower, the highest in the country, built for military purposes, with nearly 500 steps and almost 100 metres in height.
Our wonderful tour concludes with a visit to the Piazza of Santo Stefano, where you can see the look right in the palaces of merchant typical, from the windows really unique to make them recognizable, and also a palace which is famous for its frieze with terracotta heads. And of course the church itself, or rather, the Seven Churches. There are no more seven, but originally the buildings and the works led to seven small churches attached.
Dulcis in fundo, we will see the Oldest University in Europe founded in 1088, the Alma Mater Studiorum, as the association between students, the free and the secular, the fame of the university had become Bologna is the destination of the guests and distinguished scholars. In the more than nine centuries of history, his students remember prominent figures such as Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarch, Guido Guinizelli, Cecco d’ascoli, Salimbene da Parma, Coluccio Salutati, Torquato Tasso and many other illustrious.

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