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    6 days / 5 nights
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On your bike discover and fall in love with Veneto Region!

Six days among thermal relax, culture, food & wine traditions, craft, sport, nature and local products!


Arrival in the thermal hotel 3* in Abano Terme (PD), accommodation in the room and free time to relax in the thermal spa pools of the hotel.


This classical tour could not be missed in our cycling offer: this is one of the most complete tour which permits, thanks to its panoramic bike paths which touches many of the beauties of the Euganean Hills, to discover the territory. This tour takes you all along the ”Euganean Hills Ring” a circular cycling lane which traverses all the perimeter of the Euganean Hills. This tour is quite long, but not difficult: all the cycling lane is plane and if you want you can rent an e-bike, which simplifies you the tour, or rent a MTB or a normal bike: we will be the most time on cycling lanes, just sometimes you’ll leave them for untarmacked road. You can start this bike tour from many points of the ”Euganean Hills Ring” but we suggest you to start from Abano Terme and proceed in clockwise direction. First, you’ll pass by Villa Draghi, a beautiful Villa in Montegrotto Terme and after some kilometres you’ll pass by the Castle of Catajo, the so called Palace of Euganean Hills because of its 350 rooms. Proceeding along the Canal Battaglia, ancient padouan fluvial way, you’ll see the next villa: Villa Emo where you’ll admire its beautiful garden. Arrived in Monselice you’ll walk nearby the Castle of Monselice, one of the rare Castles which is still furnished and if you want you’ll have a little walk along the most beautiful Panoramic Walk in Veneto: Via del Santuario with its Seven Churches, which symbolize the seven Churches of Rome. From the top of this Panoramic Walk you’ll appreciate the view of the walled town Monselice. You’ll take your bike and ride in direction Este along streets immersed in the lush fields nearby the Euganean Hills. Break for lunch in a typical Trattoria than you ride to Lozzo Atestino where you’ll see the Castle of Valbona which will show you a beautiful testimony of the medieval history of this territory. It was fortress of an important Paduan family, whose story is strongly related to the Castles seen before in Este and in Monselice. Now, something like 20 km lack until where you started: the last effort will permit you to arrive to the last point of interest: The Abbey of Praglia, ancient monastery of the XI century, today there’s the Monumental National Library and many books, even from the Medieval Ages, are kept and restored. Dinner is not included.

Departure/Arrival: Abano Terme (PD)
Length: from 63 to 73 km
Elevation gain: 200 m
Duration of the Bike tour: 7/8 hours
Difficulty: medium.


In the morning, after breakfast, you can spend some relaxing time in the swimming pools of the hotel to take care of yourself. Then in the afternoon guided by an expert tour guide with a nice tour you can reach the city of Padua in complete safety by bike. Leaving Abano Terme you’ll take the bank of Battaglia Canal and along the cycling route you’ll admire Villa Molin and then reach Scaricatore Bridge and its bank river and Ponte Quattro Martiri. From here will be easy to reach the centre of Padua, just 2 extra km and you’ll be in Prato della Valle. Came back in Abano you’ll have dinner in your hotel.

Length: Abano Terme – Padua 13,5 km + 2 extra km to reach Prato della Valle
Difference in height: 0 m
Duration of the Bike tour: about 1 hour.
Difficulty: easy.


guided by an expert tour guide with a nice tour you can reach the city of Padua in complete safety by bike. Leaving Abano Terme you’ll take the bank of Battaglia Canal and along the cycling route you’ll admire Villa Molin and then reach Scaricatore Bridge and its bank river and Ponte Quattro Martiri. From here following Bacchiglione and Brenta Rivers you’ll reach Stra and the beautiful Villa Pisani. The Pisani di Santo Stefano family, which commissioned the construction of the villa, was an important branch of the ancient patrician Pisani family of Venice. They got enormously rich during the fourteenth century with trade and land rent; in the fifteenth century they acquired a large fief in the Paduan plain and in the same period began the construction of the large palace of Campo Santo Stefano in Venice (at present Academy of Music Benedetto Marcello), finished only in the eighteenth century. This was the golden century of the family which held the higher position of the Republic of Venice. Andrea Pisani Alvise (1664-1741) was appointed ambassador to the court of the Sun King who even stood godfather to Pisani’s son. He then became doge (1735), the highest position of the family. But the decline was soon to come, the collapse of the Republic (1797) together with the vice of game led Pisani family to fall into crippling debts. This situation forced them to sell the villa to Napoleon on January 11th 1807 for 1,901,000 Venetian liras. Napoleon Bonaparte had become King of Italy in 1805 and he had appointed viceroy his stepson Eugène Beauharnais, who got the villa. Eugène was an educated patron and he commissioned several rehabilitation works which changed the look of many rooms and of the garden. In 1814 the battle of Waterloo decided the history of Europe and brought the Habsburg imperial family, lords of Veneto, to Villa Pisani. The villa thus became the favourite vacation palace of Marianna Carolina, empress of Austria and hosted the whole European aristocracy, from the king of Spain Charles IV (1815) to the czar of Russia Alexander I (1822), from the king of Naples Ferdinand II (1837) to the king of Greece Otto (1837) and many others. The brilliant life at court stopped in 1866, when Veneto was annexed by the Kingdom of Italy. The villa did not become part of the Savoy family possessions but became property of the State, thus losing its role of entertainment. Though uninhabited, it had several notable visitors such as Wagner, D’Annunzio (the basic passage of his novel “The Flame of Life” is set at Villa Pisani), Mussolini and Hitler (their first official meeting took place here in 1934), Pierpaolo Pasolini (who shot an episode of his film “Porcile” in the rooms and in the garden of the villa).
At the end of the visit you can reach by bike Dolo where you’ll have lunch and then you’ll come back in Abano Terme to have dinner (not included).


Following Bacchiglione River and you’ll reach the beautiful city of Vicenza guided by an expert guide. From Abano Terme and passing next to Cervarese Santa Croce, Montegalda, Montegaldella, Longara you will reach Villa La Rotonda, a masterpiece of the famous architect Andrea Palladio. Here you will stop to visit it. The villa was projected by Andrea Palladio for bishop Paolo Almerico, around 1570 who was not only a papal prelate but also an intellectual, a member of a refined cultural circle of that time, a poet and a man of letters, who wanted to build for himself a ‘villa’, just out of Vicenza, for his retirement, after a career in Rome at the Papal Court. Works started in 1567 and were quickly completed, because by 1571 Paolo Almerico was already living at La Rotonda. After his death, the villa passed to Almerico’s son Virginio Almerico who then sold it to Odorico and Mario Capra in 1591. Since 1911 La Rotonda has been owned by the Valmarana family of Venezia who opened it to the public in 1986. Palladio planned 20 villas but only two of them, La Rotonda and Villa Trissino di Meledo (that would never be built) have the peculiar plan that sets them apart: the central round hall with the domed vault, inscribed in a square, with four facades, each with a projecting portico and steps, 6 Ionic columns. Andrea Palladio intended to transfer into civil architecture a ‘sacred’ inspiration, using a plan already present in religious architecture. Few km and you’ll be in Vicenza where you’ll have lunch and a walk in the centre. Then you’ll come back in Abano by bike.

Departure/Arrival: Abano Terme (PD)
Length: from 80 km
Elevation gain: 0 m
Duration of the Bike tour: 7/8 hours
Difficulty: medium.


Enriched of positive energies in the soul, you can come back home with a baggage of beautiful memories.

Price per person starting from: 975,00 € (minimum 6 paying adults).

The price per person includes:
-5 nights in a thermal Hotel 3* (bed and breakfast) in double room per person,
-1 lunch in a typical Trattoria of the Euganean Hills,
– 1 dinner in thermal hotel per person,
– 1 lunch in Vicenza per person,
– 1 lunch in Dolo (or surroundings) per person,
– 3 full days Bike Rental per person,
– 3 full days guided tour with a specialized cycling tour guide
– 1 half day Bike Rental per person,
– 1 half day guided tour with a specialized cycling tour guide
-1 entrance ticket for Villa Pisani (Stra) per person,
-1 entrance ticket for Villa La Rotonda (Vicenza) per person.

The price not includes:

– visitors tax (to pay directly in the hotel),
– supplement for single room,
– supplements for public holidays,
– supplements for High season,
– transfer,
– other extras,
– lunch/dinner/tasting not indicated in “The price per person includes”,
– tickets entrance to museum/ monuments/ exhibitions not indicated in “The price per person includes”,
– everything else not clearly indicated.

Info and Booking:

Lovivo Tour Experience, Viale delle Terme 107/B, Abano Terme (PD).
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