Montagnana and Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo PDO

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    Lovivo Tour Experience

    Via A.Vespucci, 17 – 35031, Abano Terme (PD)
    M. (+39) 333 994 52 88 - T. (+39) 049 29 69 340

    A tour dedicated to the discovery of Montagnana and Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo PDO, a delicacy with an elegant, lively and full flavour and an eye-catching pink colour when cut.


    With this tour you will discover Montagnana and Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo PDO.

    The Consortium for the Protection of Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo was founded in Montagnana on June 10, 1971 by producers operating in the plain between the Berici Hills and the Euganean Hills, with the aim of protecting the origin and quality of the product, Prosciutto, which is still processed here according to ancient customs and traditions.

    Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo PDO was in fact already in vogue in 1400. Michele Savonarola, a Paduan doctor, dietician and gastronome, mentions it in his ‘Libreto de tute le cosse che se manzano’, where he quotes an anecdote involving a Jew from Candia who had converted to Christianity and who, after tasting a delicious ham for the first time, said: ‘If I had imagined that it was this good, I would have been baptised ten years earlier’.

    In 1996 the European Union awarded Prosciutto Veneto the D.O.P. Protected Designation of Origin, a mark that guarantees the very close link between production and its territory, 15 municipalities situated between the Berici and Euganean Hills, with Montagnana as the most famous centre and the seat of the Consortium.

    Today, the ham that complies with the specifications is branded with the Lion of St. Mark and the words “VENETO”, not before 12 months of maturation, which can be as long as 19-20 months. A long wait for the ham to acquire all its fragrance, its pinkish colour and its extraordinary sweetness. Its flavour is elegant, lively and full, and its colour when cut is pinkish. These characteristics are the result of a perfect balance between the choice of raw material, salting time, weight of the ham, duration and conditions of curing.

    You will then visit a laboratory that produces Prosciutto Veneto Berico-Euganeo PDO and finally have a tasting, literally at 0 km!

    You will then move on to the centre of Montagana. On your arrival you will be immediately surprised by the imposing fourteenth-century walls of Montagnana, interspersed with twenty-four perimeter towers, two medieval castles and protected by a large moat.

    The picture that will appear before your eyes leaves plenty of room for your imagination: imagine going back to medieval times, hearing the sound of merchants‘ wagons entering and leaving the walls through the drawbridges; imagine the voices of young maidens at the market stalls, the clatter of knights’ horses or the sounds of bloody battles, the firing of crossbows and the orders of the Captains of the various guards that these walls still preserve, brick by brick.

    During the guided tour of Montagnana you will be surprised by the beauty of the views in the historical centre: passing through porticoes and alongside ancient buildings you will reach the most important points of interest in the town, such as the stately and imposing Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which houses two valuable frescoes depicting David and Judith attributed to Giorgione.

    The experience includes: 

    • Visit to a delicatessen authorised by the Consortium for the Protection of Veneto Berico-Euganeo PDO
    • Ham
    • Ham tasting in a salumificio 
    • Guided tour of the town of Montagnana
    • Accompanied by a tourist guide
    • Traditional Italian life with your local guide
    • Insurance and technical organisation by certified travel agency

    The experience does not include: 

    1. anything not expressly indicated
    2. a transfer service is available on request and at an extra charge.

    Guaranteed departure with a minimum of 4 paying adults.

    EXPLANATIONS DURING THE TOUR: only touristic guides can and are allowed to explain the monuments, the city and the museums. Accompaniers just help you in case you need it or take you to the most beautiful places chosen for your tour.

    MEETINGS: In case the meeting point with the guide/accompanist is in the place of the tour it is necessary to give an active telephone number, which will be given to the guide/accompanist. In case you can’t find the guide/accompanist please call the number +39 333 994 52 88. If you don’t contact us, the agency cannot be retained as responsible.

    OPENING TIMES OF THE MONUMENTS: Some monuments are not always open. If you are interested in visiting a special monument, tell us in the moment of request of quotation. In case you don’t asked us, the agency cannot be retained as responsible.

    TRANSFER SERVICES: The transfer service for the client, if done with the Minivan of the agency, is included as a transfer service for free and carried out for courtesy only in order to full fill the necessities of the tour. 

    WEATHER: The tour takes place even in case of bad weather. If the tour is cancelled it is to protect your safety. The tours to Venice take place even in case of high water.

    LANGUAGES SPOKEN DURING THE TOURS: Tours could be held in multiple languages at the same time.

    RESPECT FOR TIMETABLES AND GROUPS: With the confirmation of the tour, you accept the timetable indicated in the program. In order to have an above-board tour, it will not be possible to change the timetable except it is a decision of the tour leader.

    TECHNICAL ORGANIZATION: Lovivo Tour Experience by E3 srl, Viale delle Terme, 107 / B 35031 Abano Terme (Padua), T. +39 049 2969340 F. +39 049 2969349, e-mail,EUROP ASSISTANCE Insurance Policy n. 9040153, Guarantee Fund: IL SALVAGENTE s.c. a r.l. n. 2020 / 1- 3114, Authorization of the Province of Padua 1226 of reg. of 18.08.2016.

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