Euganean Hills Panorama

Euganean Hills, the new Tuscany

Discover the Euganean Hills, your next destination for a vacation dedicated to nature, local food and wine among villas, castles and picturesque villages.

Wild nature

The Euganean Hills, are a group of 100 hills of volcanic origin that rise to heights from 300 to 600 m from the Paduan-Venetian plain, a few kilometers south of Venice. They were born thanks to two volcanic eruptions, one 37 million years ago and one 47 million years ago.

And it is precisely the peculiar volcanic history that has made possible the formation of an extraordinary botanical and faunal biodiversity in this area. Since 1989 it was decided to safeguard the area by establishing the first Regional Park of Veneto that today covers an area of about 19,000 square meters of hills of volcanic origin.

The soil of the Euganean Hills consists of different types of stone but mainly of “Trachite”, a very hard gray stone. The trachyte was used during the age of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, to build dams and to strengthen the embankments. For a long time the extraction of this stone has been a great income for the area, until in 1985 with the first Italian ecological law was prohibited to protect the landscape.

Wine and oil of Euganean Hills

The particular volcanic origin of the soil, the presence of many different microclimates from north to south, from slope to slope, allows these hills to be a privileged place for a great variety of wine production that you can discover with one of our wine tours.

In the southern part, where we have a majority of basalt stone and where the stone is called “Sasso Negro”, hence black stone, the great Bordeaux red wines find their ideal climate. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc find the ideal soil to become full and ready for aging.

In the meantime, in the north, where the slopes are cooler, the whites find their ideal climate and become aromatic and very interesting. The autochthonous vines are:

  • Serprino, the “volcanic” version of Prosecco as it is also produced with Glera grapes.
  • Fior d’Arancio “Fiori d’Arancio”, the only DOCG of the area obtained from Moscato giallo grapes, the wine which best represents this territory.

The Euganean Hills are also home to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of extra virgin olive oil EVO. In Italy grow more than 600 types of olives, here you will find three of them: Frantoio, Leccino and Rasara. Their production in this area is not high, but of very high quality and gives an olive oil, compared to those of the rest of Italy, medium gentle. For a 360° experience we suggest you to take advantage of our Tour dedicated to Oil and Wines of Euganean Hills.

Active vacation

In the Euganean Hills, thanks to the organization of the Regional Park, it is possible to walk along several hiking trails.
There are more than 25 marked trails and they all offer very different views. The paths can be very short and almost flat but also very intense in length and in height difference as the Alta Via.
You can go along them on your own, following the Park trail signs, or you can take part in one of our hiking Tours. Many of them can also be covered on horseback, following one of the many local bridle paths.

For lovers of active vacations, don’t miss a bike tour along the Euganean Hills Cycle Route. The bike path, called E2, is 63 kilometers long, and is totally flat. The E2 surrounds the Euganean Hills between pleasant stops at wineries and visits to villas and castles you will ride the whole ring without noticing it.

For those who like to be guided, we suggest a bike tour with a guide or a bike rental, perhaps electric, for a ride along the many bike paths in the area.

Art and culture in the timeless places of the Euganean Hills

In addition to the natural charm and landscape, there is a surprising richness of cultural heritage. Picturesque historical villages such as Arquà Petrarca, majestic walled cities such as Este and Montagnana, elegant villas such as Villa dei Vescovi and Villa Molin but also imposing medieval fortresses such as the Castle of Monselice and the Castle of Catajo or the enchanting Monumental Garden of Valsanzibio.

This and much more awaits you in the Euganean Hills, a small world to discover where you will find all the best for a typical Italian flair vacation.

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